The City of Port Orchard is in the process of the 2024 Periodic Update to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The City is envisioning a light refresh to its existing plan addressing new Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements, Vision 2050, and updated Countywide Planning Policies. Much of the work to update the Comprehensive Plan will focus on new planning requirements including but not limited to climate, equity, and housing affordability.

Public participation is a key part of the Comprehensive Plan Update process. The City held the Comprehensive Plan Kickoff and Visioning Meeting on January 31, 2023 in the City Council Chambers. To help the public understand the Comprehensive Plan Update process, the City prepared a presentation detailing why the City is updating the Plan and the anticipated Update timeline. The City also recorded the presentation.

In order to assist the City in the Comprehensive Plan Update process, we are asking for your input on our progress towards meeting our current Comprehensive Plan Targets and more specific subarea land use preferences. Submit your input on the following topics described below:

(Please note that this website is public domain and responses are subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56.)

Target Statements

The current Comprehensive Plan includes 14 target statements that summarize the community's desired outcomes. Confirming the City's progress on the target statements is important because it begins the community involvement process, guides the City's work on the Update moving forward, and establishes how the community wants to grow in the future.

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Subarea Planning

During the Comprehensive Plan Update process, the City will develop plans for two subareas: Bethel/Lund and Sedgwick/Bethel. To begin the planning process, the City wants to examine how growth can be focused in these areas and gather community input on the area's existing conditions and future potential.

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Transportation Planning

A large part of the Comprehensive Plan Update is looking at our transportation infrastructure and ways to improve and support the movement of goods and people. We would like to know where, in your opinion, things are working well and where things can be improved. Consider not only vehicular improvements, but also pedestrian and non-motorized transportation methods.

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