The City of Port Orchard is in the process of the 2024 Periodic Update to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The City is envisioning a light refresh to its existing plan addressing new Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements, Vision 2050, and updated Countywide Planning Policies. Much of the work to update the Comprehensive Plan will focus on new planning requirements including but not limited to climate, equity, and housing affordability.

Public participation is a key part of the Comprehensive Plan Update process. The City held the Comprehensive Plan Kickoff and Visioning Meeting on January 31, 2023 in the City Council Chambers. To help the public understand the Comprehensive Plan Update process, the City prepared a presentation detailing why the City is updating the Plan and the anticipated Update timeline. The City also recorded the presentation.

At this phase of the Comprehensive Plan Update process, we are updating the City's zoning map. Click the button below to provide your input on the current zoning map and changes you think should be considered through this update process: